Worst Things Happening in the Internet

Internet brings out an amazing result to the lives of people but there are also terrible things that are happening in the internet.

Cyber Bully. There are so many horrible cyber bully that are happening in the internet especially in social media. There are people who can actually post a false record about a person, company. People make every effort to protect his or her reputation but this can be destroyed at once through social media.

False information. A lot of false information in the internet that are being spread all over the world. Some people do not care and some people care. Some false information will hurt lots of people. Anyone can just create a false information through websites. Of course, there are so many sensitive things that are found in the internet.

Exposes Personal Information. Personal Information should be the most important thing to protect as a person. However, social media is able to expose identity of a person from the physical identity to the inner identity.

Hacking. Actually, not all sites are secured. Hacking is one of the most dangerous thing that ever happened in the internet because some accounts can be corrupted and this makes people get enraged due to this because there are so many documents that have to be protected. There should be no hacking. Virus are spread in computers that corrupts files. Virus became very natural in the internet. Many people have been bothered because of this. However, we can not do anything with it.