The Mobile Internet vs. Desktop Internet

The rapid development of technology is very amazing. Even young children are enjoying the benefits of high technology. Nowadays, a lot of people cannot take their hands off their phones especially with the use of the internet. Through the internet, people can browse any websites they want and to know or learn additional information provided by these websites.What tool do people use to stay connected to the internet? Most people use their smartphones and others use their desktops. But which of these is mostly used by the people? Some would think of smartphone and others would think of the desktop.  Then, let us compare these two. First, what are the advantages of smartphone and the advantages of desktop?

The Advantages of Smartphone. You can see in the above infographics that the use of smartphone or mobile web is widely spread all over the world. Every place, smartphone users can be seen. In terms of convenience, the smartphone is the best. Anywhere you go, you can just bring with you your phone. When the internet was developed, the use of smartphones became more useful for many purposes which includes communication and socialization.

The Advantages of Desktop. For office purposes or any reports, the desktop and laptop gives many benefits. Unlike the smartphone, the computer has many available applications that can be used for work. With the internet access, paper works, researches, and other purposes can easily be done. In fact, both the smartphone and desktop are beneficial to everyone. Both are useful and has many advantages.